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Would it be possible to handle "images per page" differently or with a yes/no option?

I am using METRO and picked 22 as my "images per page". So after 22 images the next page starts, even if a couple more images would easily fit and make the page "round".

So how to explain: Check for "images per page", but give option to optionally fill up the page (blanks) for that "clean" look, if more images are available.

Do I make sense?

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Hi Robert,

Sorry for my late reply, Saturday, officially support we provide during Monday - Friday.

I want to show some trick regarding Metro grid and Pagination. Look at the screen, from our demo:

As you can see, after each 10 images layout is repeating. So, for 4 columns Metro layout need select 10, 20, 30, 40 etc pictures per page.

If you are using 3 columns layouts, layout will repeat after another number of images, but in any way, layout is repeating. So you need just to set correct number of images per pages.

and your layout will be "rounded" ;)

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"My" METRO looks different and I can't see a/the pattern...

16 works for the first page, gets "messy" again after that!
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