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  • Soner
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Hi i love to work with gridbox but it mus have more options

1: Components must work on gridbox
2: Videos from Local,Vimeo and other sides must work in gridbox.
3: Fixed header options must have more options (animated and shadows)
4: Gardients options
5: Images and the Carousel must have more effects

thats that what i want :)

best regards

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  • Artem
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Thank you for your suggestions :) much appreciated!
We'll add the to our "Suggestions List"


7 years 5 months ago #3

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  • Johny Ã…kerlund
Yes, vimeo support in lightbox is a must.
We have all our videos there.

7 years 4 months ago #4

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  • maffeaffe
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Hi, some suggestions.
More animation options like slide in left, right etc and control speed.
More layout options for mobile like 3 columns tablet, 2 columns mobile. 4 columns desktop.
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