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Responsive font size

5 years 4 days ago #1

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  • Rene
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I think it would be really useful if you can set default sizes for fonts sizes. As an example H1.

For desktop 40px for tablet 30px and for mobile 24px.

This would be really speed up making a website. Now you have to edit every H1 for different devices on every page.... (yes it could be done in custom CSS i know but this is not really user friendly

Regards René

5 years 3 days ago #2

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  • dajuan
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Hi, I agree with you I find this feature really useful, it avoids editing every time.

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5 years 3 days ago #3

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  • SergeyM
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As far as i know u can setup font sizes in "Theme - General - Typography" for whole theme. And if u switch layout to, for example, Tablet Portrait and do setup again it will apply to all pages for this layout.

5 years 3 days ago #4

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  • Rene
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Sergey if that's true it would be perfect. Strange this is not explained in the documentation thought?

5 years 3 days ago #5

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  • Artem
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Thanks Sergey ;)

The main principles of the editor - Inheritance! As in the CSS the styles come from the parent. What does it mean?!

1. If you change styles on the Desktop, the changes will also be applied on the tablet and on the smartphone;

5 years 3 days ago #6

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  • Rene
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I wasn't aware of the fact that the style setting are also inheritance. (in the inspector i saw some media queries for the fonts sizes etc but didn't realise these settings come from the style settings)

Great, thanks, have a nice day!
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