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A couple suggestions for gallery tags.

1.) Only show tags which are relevant to the images in the selected category or album.

2.) Allow top location for tags (underneath category if also enabled)

3.) Create a tag editor, currently you have to go through every image and change each tag individually, where a tag editor could change all image tags which are the same (possibly on a per category basis) (because there is no database of tags the list would be generated dynamically just like the tag menu)

4.) create an alphabetical sort for tags (in gallery menu and elsewhere), also implement invisible to user tag markers with { } so that the user can self sort Tags, ie . sorted tag list: [ apples, bananas, carrots ] user sorted tag list: [ {001}bananas, {002}carrots, {003} apples ] where the squiggly brackets and everything inside is not displayed to the user, but makes sorting quite easy.

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Thank you for your suggestions, agree with you!

Regarding the tags position at the top, I can propose you the custom solution, here is:


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I have since found out that you guys do store the tags in the database, this is great because it makes sorting a very easy thing to add for the site administrator. (once a tag editor is added). for now I manually modified the "hits" category in the database to order the tags, (I put the tag I want at the front at 900 and counted down from there by 100's this has the added benefit of allowing tags to resort

I followed the directions in that other post for moving the tags to the top, unfortunately it puts them above the category section and as introduced a small issue but I will post the fix for that in the appropriate thread.

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Thank you for contacting us
Great that you found a solution that suits you.

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