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Hi.. for blog and banner advertsing.. currently I have to create new app for every instance of having a different looking sidebar? This is for example if you want to use Joomla banners that display for different blog categories... I want my vehicle customer banner to appear on motoring blog pages.. currently with Gridbox you cannot do this as every category has same sidebar column... you have to create new app for every different kind of side column you want... not good... OR you have to put joomla banners INSIDE your blog right?

Different apps not good as you then have to have different menu items for every app (blog)...

I think you should make each app category be able to style the blog differently.. that way you have blog category Motor Industry.. and be able to put adverts for just Motor Industry in those blog items sidebar.. understand!

Also.. would be good to have Author in blog.. if there already then sorry. cannot see ;)

ok thanks

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