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Versioning / Save as Draft / Publish by date time

8 months 3 weeks ago #1

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  • Maic Fankhauser
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Hope you're all doing great!

My title already reveals everything, but I still want to say a few words about it.

Save as draft:
Sometimes I would be really happy, I could save a stand as a draft and continue working later. Right now everything is live when you click Save. I know I could make a copy, edit it and re-link it later, but the user experience comes first. ;-)

If you could save the pages as a draft, a kind of versioning would automatically exist - at least of 2 versions (current / draft). You might also be able to list older versions (number of versions can be defined by yourself, depending on hosting size or needs). Why? I could activate an older version at any time without having to install the whole Joomla site.

Publish Draft by date time:
Depending on the size of the website and the type of content, it can be an advantage if I don't have to get up every time in the middle of the night to make changes. I know this feature already exists, but not for drafts, cause they don't exist ;-)

I know that Gridbox is not a real CMS, but what is not, could still be. Anyway, these functionalities would help me a lot - above all the ability to save as a draft.

I'd like to know what the rest of the community thinks about it.

Keep up you're great, awsome, incredible work! :)

8 months 3 weeks ago #2

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  • Artem
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Hi, Maic!

Thank you for your suggestions!
I want to note, that feature "Publish by Date and time" is already available:

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