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Plugins pre format and file downloads

4 years 9 months ago #1

  • Maic Fankhauser's Avatar
  • Maic Fankhauser
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Hi Balbooa

Just writing you some suggestions.

1. I know we're now able to set images for our library's elemnts, but what if we could format the plugins already before they are draged & dropped to the site. The library is perfect for complex page structures, but if i want to preformat plugins like the button, image, overlay and so on, it would be much cooler if i could format this objects somewhere, so if its picked from the plugin library it already has my custom format.

--> how it could work is like having an site (lets call it "plugins format") where every single plugin is listened. As soon as i start to format a plugin and save the page, this would be the default format, which is used when I /a customer picks the plugin from the plugin library.

2. I really often need to place pdf-documents for Download or other formats on websites. Till now i have no plugin which allows me to quickly make it accessable. Even the media manager doesnt support pdf (not even simply uploading it)

--> if a complete new plugin is not planned, why dont u just give us like a file-picker in the button-plugin and support formats such as pdf and other in the media manager. this way we could easily use a button (with an icon) to make files downloadeable.

best wishes

4 years 9 months ago #2

  • Artem's Avatar
  • Artem
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Hi, Maic!

1. Okay, we'll add to suggestion list

2. Are you seriously??? :blink: :blink: :blink: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
Ability to upload any files to media manager and file picker already done and will be available with a next update :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


4 years 9 months ago #3

  • Maic Fankhauser's Avatar
  • Maic Fankhauser
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Wow, this was incredible fast!

About point 1 - would you appreciate to get some examples?

About point 2 - I definitly should start my career as a fortune teller, this is the second or third time I have predicted your upcoming updates xD

by the way - any plans for a "Custom Icons" tab in the icon picker (icon and button plugin for example), where i could place a range of custom icons (svg or font).

i'll stop now for a moment - my minds are getting too busy about features xD

Thx and TGIF (at least soon)

4 years 8 months ago #4

  • Webdegelijk's Avatar
  • Webdegelijk
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Very good point: Point 1. In fact this holds me back going to use Gridbox in a production site. I cannot ask my customer to style a button every time he adds one. I need him to be able to choose for example 'read more button' then add some link and that should be it.

When I change the styling of the whole site (I do that quite often before the site goes live, I know I have a weird workflow) I would like to change only one button in some library so that all other buttons change accordingly. So as you'll understand the current library wont be sufficient for my workflow. However the 'global' option in your library comes close: If I could only change the text and link (not the styling) it would be exactly what we need.

Keep up the good work. I follow your blog, its great to see all those great features coming to Gridbox.


4 years 8 months ago #5

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  • Artem
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Let's talk about Plugins Pre Format :cheer:
If I understand correctly, you want to save our own pre-installed styles for each plugin, right???

If yes, we can propose next:
To each plugin add some button with name "Save Preset Style" and when you or your client adding a new plugin from the list (Add new Plugin Modal) plugin comes with saved previously preset styles

I think it's possible :) Users will be available to create own UI styles

I want to note, that Preset Style will include only CSS styles: colors, backgrounds, borders, etc....


4 years 8 months ago #6

  • Maic Fankhauser's Avatar
  • Maic Fankhauser
  • Posts: 63
Hello Artem
The library function is ideal for larger blocks that are needed over and over again and contain several elements.
The global function of the Librarys is perfect for single elements that occur over and over again and always look the same, have the same name and have to work the same way.

But now I have several buttons, pictures and so on which look the same but have different contents and functions. These would then not function as part of the global library.

If I just want to add a button, the library function is "tedious" because I prefer to add an element via the "plus" symbol. So it would be great if the elements you add could already be pre-defined. (exactly, my own UI style) So customers or other people could just click on the plus sign and have the correct formatting.

This would work well with your proposal - "save as preset". (of course only the css styles)

It would then simply have to work like this, that if I change the color of the button from yellow to red at a later time, all the buttons I have already added would also change (similar to the principle of Sketch)

Again briefly summarized at the example of a button; -)

1. I format a button the way I want it to.
2. I click on "save as preset".
3. all buttons that already exist as well as all buttons that are newly added take over the just saved format (preset style)

Of course, there is a problem now, what if I have one or maybe two buttons that need to be formatted differently.

Solution 1: There is a checkbox next to the element that allows an exclusion of preset style, e. g."different style" or "ignore preset style".
Solution 2: You use the library where you can define different preset styles. Let's say 5 styles. For the elements there is then the possibility to select the preset style 1-5 in a dropdown menu (or of course with self-defined names).

With the second solution, this is how it would work.

1. formatting a button the way I want it
2. I click on "save as Preset 1".
3. I give the preset 1 a name (e. g. Dark)
4. add a button with the plus symbol.
5. I choose the preset "Dark".
6. if I change a button with the "Dark" preset, all buttons take over the formatting just changed for "Dark".
7. add a new button
8. I don't want the same formatting as with the other buttons
9. I select "add new Preset style" under Preset.
10. I format the button and click on "save as preset 2".
11) I give the preset 2 a name (e. g. Light)

Now I have 2 presets for buttons that change the formatting "global", new elements that are already added to my UI, and a presets library that I can customize quickly and easily at any time.
Of course, only the admin should be allowed to do this with the preset formatting.

This solution would be a dream for me and allows a whole new way of handling presets.

For now you suggestion would be perfect that at least knew added Elemnts already have my UI-Style.

Sorry for writing sooooooooooo many words.

All the best

4 years 8 months ago #7

  • Webdegelijk's Avatar
  • Webdegelijk
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Thanks Artem, it's great to hear that you think it’s possible!

And thanks to Maic for his post, not a word too much.
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