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keep up your amazing work

1 month 3 weeks ago #1

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Hello Balbooa Team,

my suggestion today...see thread title.

Shout out: I just love how you are crafting your pagebuilder + extensions. And here is why...

I always wanted to build independent CMS modules, without doing too much CSS crafting, that can be injected inside any CMS page using PHP inline.

It took me +-2 years to learn and build those modules based on PHP MVC, and libaries such as jqwidgets (e.g. forms). Now I can use a powerful CMS like Joomla 4, which is very stable and easy to understand + Balbooa Gridbox in order to peform a perfect responsive multi language layout. The result is easy to understand...

I have modules, that could be injected inside any CMS, and I have Balbooa Gridbox that will peform as an visual drag&drop layout manager for my PHP modules. A module could be a video player or a video title or a video descrition. Therefore my responsive design would be done, using Balbooa Gridbox. That's not all. Another reason why I love your work...I can make use of already existing extensions...

- single forms in order to collect data (in case a customer needs specific data collection) ... latest update where we can copy form styles is +1000
- eshop extension that comes with Balbooa
- gallery (in case a customer needs a gallery for a blog post)

Your Pagebuilder is one of the best I have experienced. Nested Rows or aligning items (Horizontal, Vertical), as well as adressing all viewports, is just awesome to work with in these times. AI might rule in the future, but for have nailed it ;)

Thank you for listening to your customers and peforming beyond customers suggestions.

1 month 3 weeks ago #2

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Thank you so much for such for your kind words. We are very pleased and motivated to work even better :)

With ❤️ from all Balbooa team

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