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Google Insight Error - SEO - Browser caching - days need to be configurable

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Hi Balbooa,

Whilst the option to switch on "browser caching" is helpful, Google complains your default of 7 days is nowhere near long enough, and is raised as a Critical issue on Google Insight reports.

Ideally, I'd like the ability to change the default number of caching days within the Site->performance->caching section.

The developer can then change the duration of browser caching, as suitable for that particular website, and also remove the "critical" error from Google's Insight reports.

In addition, it would be ideal if the font files were also flagged to be cached by the browser. As you can see below, the default 7 day caching and that fonts are not flagged to be cached at all by Balbooa - is raised as a critical issue.

Many thanks,

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Thank you for contacting us

Thank you for your suggestion,
we will consider it

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