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Add tag filter feature for albums

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The possibility of filtering the albums using Tags seems to me an extremely necessary feature.
Let's analyze this situation:
  • We have a category that is a brand of floors tiles
  • This brand has several product lines (albums) and each of these lines has a certain number of photos inside.
  • The different product lines are grouped by type, for example stone effect, marble effect, interior tiles, outdoor tiles.
  • In addition, an X line could belong to two different types (marble effect -outdoor exterior)

A good UX would predict that the user could easily filter the albums of the products that most interest them through Tags exactly like in a normal photo gallery.

There was a single component (that I used in the past) that had this feature but has been abandoned for at least 3 years.

I hope you welcome this suggestion.


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  • Artem
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Hello Joe,

Technically you can create it now. For your site, you are using some page builders, right?! Each page builder includes the plugin tabs. So, you can use tabs as filters for albums, Place Gallery shortcodes into each tab.

That's all - the user will be able to filter your albums :)


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hi Artom

First of all, thank you for having given a solution anyway: it is a pleasure to discuss the matter to find solutions.
I also thought about putting every single gallery in every single article to take advantage of Joomla's native tags but, in my case, it would be a titanic job.
I manage a site (located on the first page with some keywords in Rome - Italy) made with Joomla3 with 1900 galleries that contain a few gigabytes of images of about 90 different brands. (if you want take a look at the attached image)

Now it's time to switch to Joomla 4 and then make all those changes that will strengthen the position in the SERP

No, I don't want to use a page builder anymore because I prefer not to carry around useless code ballast that I will never use.
In any case, I could make tabs using bootstrap or css class but the user would still have a few too many clicks to do and you know, the user is lazy.
For example, there would never be the possibility of seeing the albums all together: a bit like seeing a shop window with hidden items.
For some brands this would be an unwelcome solution (and yes, I have to answer for my work to a lot of different people :angry: ).
In any case, thank you again for the advice which is an attempt to find a solution.
Meanwhile, I continue to ask you to implement the already good extension with additional features.

Have a nice day

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