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multi language copy style

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I am currently working on a single language site, which might become multi language (2 languages).

I have setup a blog and stlyed all viewports for single + category layout. I have noticed, that I had to set e.g. font-size for Title etc. seperate with blog, since it does not use the global H2 style. Now, when I have to setup a new language, I would have to replicate every style with every viewport for the same blog in another language. On each change, I would have to apply this change to all languages and check if all viewports behave the same...this can become complicated.

It would be nice, if we could just copy styles from one app to the other, if this is possible. Same applies to the global Theme styles. The only shortcut currently is to copy the"master" Theme (template) and attach this copy to everything with my other language. This might work for a few pages, but would be a mess with a bigger site. Another workaround I thought about would be on database level, which I have not touched yet.

Duplicating every change across all viewports with one language can be a tricky task and is time consuming.

I really like the way you have solved the multi-language approach by using a copy of a page with another language, since you have implemented a language changer with pages. It's a logical solution for editing multi languages. Fast and intuitive editing.

Maybe you can come up with a similar solution for e.g. the blog or whatever, where we can just copy the style of a blog and paste it to another blog. Or even better would be, if we could check a Checkbox to set de-blog-1 as Master Style and list all blogs (e.g. fr-blog-1, en-blog-1) which will inherit de-blog-1 style. Not sure what the best solution would be, but I bet you will find a similar easy to use solutions as with multi language site ;)

Just some thoughts :)

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Thank you for contacting us

Thank you for your suggestion,
We will take it into account

Best Regards,
Vyacheslav, Balbooa Support Team
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