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Gridbox disable items/sections features

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As we know Gridbox is great to give access to clients who wish to change something on the website without contacting the web agency and without using joomla's interface.

Lots of times it may be text modifications/small design changes.

In this sens, wouldn't it be nice to have a feature to temporarily disable the visibility of any items so that user can for example disable a temporary promotion/event/info without using css or the joomla module publishing tool?

Just a thought, as I saw this feature on many other pagebuilders which improves the possibilities that the novice user can have without going through his web agency to change things.

Don't get me wrong I don't want to make your competitors look good, they have nothing on you.
Gridbox is the only pagebuilder I would recommend to anybody who wants ease of use mixed with fantastic functionalities.


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Thank you for your suggestion, much appreciated, but I think, we did much better :cheer:

If you want to hide an item, you need to disable it on all devices.

But the main idea of this feature - you can control what and where to display. For example, you can hide something on mobile and display on tablet and desktop.

The feature will be available with Gridbox 2.x. And most popular question when it will be ready?! All features added, for the moment we are on the final steps - testing. and Beta will be ready. Soon :cheer: !

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B) Awesome.

You must have been pretty busy with building that new version but it will pay that is for sure :

I have tried all joomla page building components for the last 6 months and yours is by far the best already in its first version.

Other page building extensions have monumental drawbacks or lack of essential functionnalities.
(One simple and obvious example is that none of them allow to move the item configuration windows to see the results live; working without this can drive you a bit crazy :) )

I think that if some of those page building extensions are unjustly more famous than yours, it is because they are provided with packages integrating a very big quantity of templates.

But as I said earlier, you may have 9 templates, but providing the import/export items between templates makes it like if you had 1000 templates :)

It was very honest and very GNU mentality from your company to implement it. Stallman would be proud :)

Now I can understand that some other companies refrain themselves from providing this feature :
Their marketing rely on the quantity of the templates they show off and if they give the possibility to users to import/export sections between templates then user don't rely anymore on buying new templates or pay for their +300 euro packages each year. :lol:

Can't wait for the 2.0 release.

Good night.
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