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System Page - Thank you page

2 weeks 1 day ago #1

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  • Alexander
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Often you have to create such a page for forms - and it differs from ordinary pages, without a header and footer.

Is it something like 404 or coming soon.

And offer this page in forms for actions after submitting the form.

2 weeks 10 hours ago #2

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  • BiLe
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I am a regular user.

In case you mean something like a "thank you for your submission" page...

What you can do:

1. create a menu item level 1 for your form (alias: en-form)
2. create a gridbox page, include the form and associate it with your menu item (1)
3. create a sub menu item level 2, used as a success page after form submission (alias: success)
4. create a gridbox page, layout your response after form success and associate it with your menu item (3)
5. copy your current template, which you are using with menu item (1) and use it with menu item (3)
6. then edit the header and footer (delete everything) of this new template
7. redirect your form after success to menu item (3)

With Joomla 4 you can hide the sub menu item (3).

1 week 6 days ago #3

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  • Alexander
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Thank you)

I can do it

This is a suggestion on how to make the gridbox better and more convenient so that you don’t have to do extra steps.

1 week 5 days ago #4

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  • BiLe
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Ah, ok. I understand.

My thoughts:

Gridbox is a very complex build, with intuitive and flexible way to use. Think about ACL or multi language for a thank you page (guest/registered). Therefore it can be done as I described with minimum effort and easy to replicate. I would agree to have the possibility to show an ajax message (language string) above form, a system message after form submit, redirect and show the system message or just redirect (e.g. just redirect to a custom thank you page, created as described).This would cover most cases.
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