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New Search Feature - option frontend to choose what zero app, page etc. to search for

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I really love the new search feature. Very Essential for shop items and very useful overall.

I am using one search with my header. While the user can search for everything we have configured, he cannot select a specific point of interest to search for. Having the option frontend to select what to search for, would be a good enhanchement in my opinion.

Example: there are 3 zero apps

1. videos
2. images
3. users

Postfix search input field or next to the search input add a dropdown to search for one of the 3 zero apps or even add the option to select multiple. I think for shop items search, selecting multiple makes sense and would narrow down the search for what the user is really looking for. Since the search input will be small on mobile, adding this feature with limited space might be a challenge.

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Sounds interesting. Thank you for your offer. we will take note


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Thank you.

Attached an example on how an online shop solved the select approach.
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