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Addition to the new update - MUSTHAVE / MUSTFOLLOW

1 year 9 months ago #1

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  • Alexander
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I am very glad that you decided to modify the existing plugins. I have a huge number of notes that I wanted to offer in a slightly different way, but so be it.

-=Mobile menu=-
No option to replace mobile menu icon
No ability to change hover when hovering over mobile menu icon
and in general, there are few settings, you can not choose the width of the pull-out menu on mobile, add a shadow, frame, rounding, etc. standard what is possible in all plugins, even the size of this icon

It is impossible for the photo to be on the PC, the laptop - absolute, and on the mobile by default
The ability to make the Width of images not only in px but also %

There is not enough choice of svg icons in plugins where you can add font icons.
It lacks the ability to put your own icons or svg images in navigation, lunge lists, etc.

-=Tabs plugin=-
Very few styling tweaks(no hovers, no borders, no icon change, etc) and bad behavior on mobile - this plugin always has to be edited via custom code

-=Head plugin=-
You can't do line wrapping, which is why I never use it.

-=Content Slider=-
There are few settings for such a complex plugin and the height of the plugin fixed in px is very disturbing

It lacks the ability to indent between columns for a tablet-mobile, on a PC you can’t choose what value this is, only on/off. + lacks not only fixed grid blocks 1-12, but also custom columns with 1-99 percents

It's too bad that you can't properly manage the styles of the buttons "load more", "add" for portfolios and testimonials, etc.

If there are several lightboxes, so that they are at least numbered. Or give them names in the admin panel.

There is not enough margin left-right for plugins, now it is only in height and you often add to the editor

Microdata( for FAQ (as an option)

Animations of slide sets do not work, always only fade

Bug in custom html plugin. css tab, if a lot of code (more than 50 lines + -) scroll starts to glitch - this bug is already a couple of years old))

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Agree, in this list features which should be improved. Okay, will be done in the next updates, we will improve all these. But not altogether at once :)


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  • Alexander
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Great, I'll be waiting :)

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+ Ability to change background image position - not only Center-Center, Center-Left, etc, but also custom values, like Top:20px Left:150px (or %)

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  • Dave
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I'd most like to see the mobile menu be more customizable. Sizing would be great. It's rather small now. Perhaps the ability to add text next to it without custom code.

Also, custom fields in Zero App/Store are not stylable in Recent Posts and do not pick up alignment, etc., from the settings in the single post styling. I have to manually text-align them with CSS.
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