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Square For Balbooa eCommerce

1 year 9 months ago #1

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  • Mark
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Guys I have started building clients online stores using Balbooa and they are loving it, and so am I, there's a few tweaks I think we can make further down the line which I will highlight here at a later date.

Awesome job so far. One pretty BIG drawback I am seeing with new customers is the lack of ability to allow common payment gateways to intergrate POS/EPOS, an ability which most companies have invested in. Square is a big one as they have tied up a lot of companies into EPOS systems and Woocommerce have this with Wordpress. I have a couple of clients, one potential new one, asking will Balbooas system work with Square like this?:

Is it possible for Balbooa to create a similar plugin so that we can sell the store to existing Square customers? It would make a lot of sense to me as most eCom companies need this kind of ability now.

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  • Viacheslav
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Thank you for contacting us

We will take your suggestion into account


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Square is very popular in the USA. I think it should be in Gridbox and Forms asap.

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Hi Dave, yes it's very popular here in the UK too. It makes no sense to me for any eCommerce platform not to have EPOS or POS interface. Otherwise it defeats the object of selling online and a physical location without the ability to sync stock levels, after all your online system is basically a stock management system too.

I am keen to know if Balbooa can actually respond on this. I understand their country is going through some incredibly tough times but responses saying any requests will be acknowledged doesn't tell anyone if supporting and remaining using their products is a good idea.

I did this with JoomDev for years and they dropped us all in BIG trouble last year by deciding to completely drop Joomla support and development

I love Balbooa but there needs to be some kind of communications where valid requests can be applied. I requested an input field option for product options which is a major feature and was told to basically not use Gridbox as the feature would not be added any time soon if at all.

I understand that not every feature request is possible as a lot of time and effort goes into coding but if we had the option of maybe having paid features too that might help?

If there's a significant cost and a few of us paid towards it this should be an option I have no problem with but as a developer there must also be a patch release/update that offers features the system would benefit from and certainly put Gridbox on the map as an awesome eCom solution for Joomla users.

As a web content management system it's truly remarkable.

I eagerly anticipate a response from the amazing Balbooa team and hope everyone is safe and well.

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Hi, yes agree. It would be nice to see some kind of roadmap. For now you can use Ecwid as a ecommerce solution.
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