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Add New Rows or Sections Above Existing Ones

1 month 4 weeks ago #1

  • Dave's Avatar
  • Dave
  • Posts: 911
Hello, I am not sure if this has been asked before but I often need to add rows/sections to existing pages and it would be nice if I could add them above the current one or to the top.

Just a suggestion. I often have long pages and need to drag them to the top.

Thank you

1 month 3 weeks ago #2

  • Artem's Avatar
  • Artem
  • Posts: 9773
Hi Dave,

Okay, thanks, we'll take into the account :)


1 month 23 hours ago #3

  • Ralf's Avatar
  • Ralf
  • Posts: 29
Hi Dave,
I had the same issue and ended up adding a "empty row" and "empty section" to the library. That way I can scroll to the area of the page where I need it and insert it right there instead of adding and then dragging upwards. Works like a charm.

With kind regards,

1 month 15 hours ago #4

  • Dave's Avatar
  • Dave
  • Posts: 911
That's not a bad idea.
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