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video and image gallery

2 weeks 2 days ago #1

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I did some testing, trying to create a simple video and image portal with a powerful search.

As you might know, I have looked at the BLOG feature first. Since your dedicated BLOG search is very basic, this might not be a good approach. I thought about using FORMS + custom PHP to push a formated layout into BLOG database, attaching e.g. videos to user channels.

My second thought was using the ZERO APP. Since I would have to create a dedicated page for each item (video/image), this might not be a good approach. There might be problems with multi language as well. I see ZERO APP more like a tool for creating e.g. cards for e.g. working staff. Perfect for this case.

Then I had another look at your GALLERY extension, which would be the best option in my opinion. In order to achieve the goal of creating a basic youtube/bitchute like portal for images and videos, I would like to make the following suggestions:

- User channels
- User playlist
- Subscription
- Reporting
- Auto play random [+1]
- Auto play playlist [+100] ... think music
- Self hosted comments [+100]

- Search by title [+1]
- Search by date range [+1]
- Search by video length [+1]
- Search auto complete
- Search suggestions

- Preview hit count [+1]
- Preview video length [+1]

- Checkbox multi filter
- Multi language support [+1]
- Voting by thumbs up/down [+1]
- Play video in smaller window, while scrolling or searching
- Show playlist or recommendations list next to video

Some features might not take much time to implement, while others require extensive coding.

Cheers :)

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