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CRUD & Charts Widget / Module

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currently the only suitable solution for a CRUD Table comes with Fabrik RAD for Joomla. This extension also offers custom db table matching, which is nice for indexing fields (performance).

I also had a look at Droptables, but they do not support filter user id yet.

I wonder if a CRUD table module and/or charts module would be something for your roadmap.

If so, you might want to take a look at Telerik for PHP Framework:

I have compared different Frameworks, but some are really expensive and are focused on big business (I guess). Example:

Telerik is well crafted and affordable.

If you would want to implement such a framework, you could develop really fast, offer a professional solution for Tables & Charts (even more), call your extension almost something like a RAD. You are basically outsourcing development for specific features and there would be support in case there are questions. You could start with a simple table and add features monthly or per quarter. Since the core code already exists, you could develop in no time and offer new features (advertise/blog).

Just a suggestion.
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