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Margin Left Right Plugins

1 month 23 hours ago #1

  • Jeff's Avatar
  • Jeff
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I suggest adding margin-left and margin-right to plugins and column settings.

Also z-index and a color setting and another option to add a background image. The only option here is to choose 1 either color or image.

another thing is on mobile or tablet add an option reverse to column

I was about to add a margin on each column in tablet view but no margin-left and right and settings for this


1 month 19 hours ago #2

  • Vyacheslav's Avatar
  • Vyacheslav
  • Posts: 15437

Thank you for contacting us!

For this you can use nested row,
and for indentation add padding to the parent column.

Best Regards,
Vyacheslav, Balbooa Support Team

1 month 19 hours ago #3

  • Rene's Avatar
  • Rene
  • Posts: 563
I agree!

I know it can be done using a nested row, but this is not intuitive as left and right margins for images and the text plugin.

I think column reverse is on the way (i already translated this option name for the Dutch language :-)

Regards René
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