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I represent a web agency in France.
We tested your Gridbox component on a site and found it to be great.
We create 200 websites per year and we would like to generalize the use of this component.
The problem is, you don't have enough templates available for Gridbox. We currently use this template system:
And this page builder:

Do you plan to make this component usable with other templates than yours? We could then use your component which is much more powerful.


3 weeks 1 day ago #2

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Hello, Damien!

Thank you for contacting us!

Gridbox is not compatible with other templates, because Gridbox comes with a built-in template which allows configuring template settings.

Gridbox is much more than a page builder. Few days ago we have launched built-in eCommerce App for Gridbox:
To build such things, we should work in our own eco-system.

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