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Balbooa and commenting system

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I am just curious :blush:
Since your website is using Disqus commenting system and also you use it in some extensions I guess , do you have any plan for brand new commenting system , something from scratch ? or maybe a plugin for jComment , because Disqus system doesn't work in Iran or i don't know maybe in some other countries !
Simple commentig system is very good idea :whistle:

Best regards,

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  • Artem
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Hello Abdulhalim,

I'm sorry but we can not afford it, We want to concentrate all our efforts on Gridbox, Forms and Gallery. we strive to make these extensions ideal.

A large number of extensions are time-consuming and does not allow you to focus and create really great stuff. That's why we removed all our old modules, and as you can see, we have removed templates form Main Menu on our website, and place it to the footer, it's a little hint B)

Hey Guys, What are you doing with me?! After Gridbox, I can't anymore work with standard Joomla templates
~ Gridbox Customer

We have a really big plans for Gridbox. at the next week we'll plan to lauch Forms, and then start with Gridbox.


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Hello Artem ,

Thank you anyway ;)
I have to check it out , I didn't really test Gridbox very well but i know it is the best in its kind :whistle:
BTW , in template menu that you mention , Portfoli section , did you do it with gallery extension ? :dry:

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