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white bar showing in header

1 year 1 day ago #1

  • tia's Avatar
  • tia
  • Posts: 122
Hi there. I am using the wedding template. The template is fine until I scroll down. There is a white bar that needs to be removed at the very top. I would like the header to remain fixed but without the white bar. Thanks in advance.

1 year 13 hours ago #2

  • Andrey's Avatar
  • Andrey
  • Posts: 9
Hi, Tia

I opened your site link in Firefox and Chrome but did not see any white bar at the top.
I try scroll down and up but nothing bar at the top.

May be problem in your browser cache?

Try this:
use key combination CTRL+SHIFT+DEL and clear browser cache

Reload your page

Maybe this will help

11 months 4 weeks ago #3

  • Artem's Avatar
  • Artem
  • Posts: 8467

The same is here, header looks fine :)

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