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5 months 3 days ago #1

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Hello folks.

I bought this, I think the most expensive one. I really would like to have to have some TEMPLATES, CSS, done by you, because if I put your Gallery into Joomla, kinda look stupid and unporfessional, even though I love it, because of background custome, and also javascript behave, but I need template tweaking.

If you have some already made, like "onhoover box-shadow effect" whatever, like some kinda lokk here as an example:

They are hungarians, I bought that too, its just insane. Now would like to know how I tweak your "Look like".

I once again like this, but miss tweaking, templating.

I want some green, some grey, some "elegant", some fancy some this some that style

Thanks for your help where to find done templates


5 months 3 days ago #2

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Thank you for contacting us

You can customize the gallery styles in the settings,
the rest of the styles are used from your template.
You can also use custom code.

Best Regards,
Vyacheslav, Balbooa Support Team
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