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Default options (Thumbnail / Lightbox / Watermark etc)

3 weeks 1 day ago #1

  • Gareth's Avatar
  • Gareth
  • Posts: 2

Have just purchased this plugin, all seems great so far except I cannot seem to find any default settings?!

I understand that under each Gallery, I can set the desired Thumbnail/grid type, Lightbox and watermark etc settings. However, I wish to set all these as defaults, so that every gallery I create uses the same theme by default. I have several hundred galleries to recreate, and the client will add their own galleries so I need it to be simple for them.

Most of my galleries will be for individual boats for sale, and contain various subfolder categories:

Boat 001

I tried making a single gallery... "All Boats" so I can make a sub cat for each boat, but then I lose the ability to have subcategories underneath that.

Any suggestions?

3 weeks 1 day ago #2

  • Marc's Avatar
  • Marc
  • Posts: 12
I just starting using this as well. I believe the ONLY way to do want you want is through the Album view. That will allow for unlimited subs.

Each gallery that is created is started from scratch, there is no 'default' that you can set that i'm aware of. Also, there is no search ability either, just as an FYI.

I think this is the best option out there, but still finding it lacking in some areas.

Good luck!

3 weeks 10 hours ago #3

  • Gareth's Avatar
  • Gareth
  • Posts: 2
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, after my post i did discover the Album mode, but I found if you just call the sub galleries 'interior', when using the article editor to insert a gallery, there is no way of telling which of the hundreds of 'interior' galleries belong to which parent album. It doesnt display it in a tree format annoyingly, instead just ordered by ID i guess.

You're right about it appearing to be one of the best solutions out there, but it certainly does lack in many areas!

Things I would love to see added or fixed:
  • Search box when inserting gallery in an article, would be extremely useful when one has several hundred galleries
  • When inserting gallery in an article, the list could be in a tree view, or at least add 'parent gallery name -' before the sub-galleries name
  • Drag and drop photos into another folder doesnt seem to work. Using the Move function does however.

I'm sure there will be more but I've only used it for a few hours!

2 weeks 6 days ago #4

  • Vyacheslav's Avatar
  • Vyacheslav
  • Posts: 8916
Thank you for contacting us

We will consider your offer.

But we will not be able to add this option in the near future,
as we adhere to our plan for adding options (updates).

Best Regards,
Vyacheslav, Balbooa Support Team
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