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PHP regular expression limit reached (pcre.backtra

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My categories & subcategories (in album mode) are as in the attachment I added below.
As soon as I try to publish a second sub-category (SEE screenshot, any of the two under Rotterdam WHICH NOW ARE SET AS UNPUBLISHED) I get this error below:
PHP regular expression limit reached (pcre.backtrack_limit)

Hope I am not limited to 1 sub category in Album mode.

Software Versions
Latest Joomla version 3.6.4
Database Version 5.6.34
PHP Version 5.3.29
* Latest balbooa gridbox & gallery version

By the way my gallery page LOADS IN AROUND 15-20 SECONDS (which initially shows these four albums/categories AMSTERDAM, DEN HAAG, HET GOOI, ROTTERDAM) This waiting time is unacceptable for any visitor who will probably shut down the site after 10-15 seconds.

I am starting to fear that I need to import a gallery system to my website or to start a new website without gridbox & gallery if these errors and load times can not be solved.

Update: concerning the pcre.backtrack_limit error I tried to find a solution in Google and they say I can add these lines at the end of my joomla configuration.php
I tried to set 3000000 also (and can ask hosting to higher the limit) but I still get the crash of the page when I have more than one SUBCATEGORY in ALBUM MODE.

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You need to contact your hosting support with request to increase pcre.backtrack_limit


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Hi Marc,

I decided to live answer here, I hope it will be useful for all our users.

First of all I want to say, now your Gallery works fine, you can try. In the Gallery we enabled: Page Refresh, Lazy Load and Pagination.

It's a very important options if you building big galleries, your Gallery include 634 photos.

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