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BaGallery Images one by one as i want

2 months 2 weeks ago #1

  • PIOTR's Avatar
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Hey, I have problem with my BaGallery, in all other gallery i can set up wich one image need to be 1st and 2th etc. In another gallery (much bigger) i cant do that as others after click "save" evrything come back in order like before. How to set this up ? Another thing is why added images have numbers before original filename ? like 10 and others this is ruin my project and waste my time for manual setting order images.

Please help :/

2 months 2 weeks ago #2

  • Artem's Avatar
  • Artem
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Hello, Piotr!

Thank you for contacting us!

1. To check the issue with a picture order, we need Joomla admin access. Send us Joomla admin using our contact form + Gallery name in which we can check an issue.

2. Gallery automatically adding numbers to file names if the file with the same name already exists.

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