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You can enter a icon to share on linkedin?

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I'm sorry, for the moment only Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest
LinkedIn will be available at the next version, Gallery 2.0


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For v2.0; you may need to adjust the social share icons/links.

Location of the share content in v2.0 its here: /components/com_bagallery/helpers/bagallery.php. That is where you'd put div links to new icons/urls.

You'll also need to remove the slid-in animation by a css override like: .ba-share-icons.visible-sharing .ba-share i { animation: none !important; } in your Joomla site template.css file location.

That'll leave you with the big circular hover and white effect on the material design icons. To make them static and match any new image-based icon you modify the .ba-share-icons .ba-share i:after declaration class around line ~ 631 in the ba-style.css file. Add: opacity:0; which will hide the circular hover. Then, on ~ line 650 comment out the /* color: #fff !important */ inside the .ba-share-icons .ba-share i:hover bracket.

It goes without saying the latter two mods will be overridden if upgrading from 2.0 to 2.0+.

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