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Lightbox bug

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I have a problem with Gallery. Maybe it's because of my template.

When I load a page with Gallery first time and open an image into lightbox then any button doesn't work. Previous, next, heart symbol or closing button. I have to click dark area outside the image for getting back. But once I've come back and open an image again, then the buttons started to work. Is there any fix for the problem?

Second problem is that Disqus doesn't work in the images. I've used Disqus in my site and it's working with the articles but doesn't aktivate in the lightbox.

My article is here:

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  • Artem
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1. Yes, conflict with your template .js file. We need FTP access to fix problem
Department >> Technical Support

2. Disqus can be added on the page only 1 time, or for Gallery or for Article. If you want to enable for Gallery, you need to disable Disqus for article

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