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using balbooa gallery with dj extensions webp plugin?

1 year 1 week ago #1

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we use the dj extensions webp plugin , and have loved it thus far because its been a plug and play plugin, other than initial setup, everything else has been automatically been replaced throughout all of our joomla and other joomla extensions, except for balbooa gallery we are noticing thus far.

for the houston zoo gallery, i can verify that webp images have been made, but dj extension has not auto swapped the images..

i did see balbooa gallery have an option to compress image on upload, what exactly for balbooa gallery do to compress files? does it changed the format to webp? or resize the images? or just resave the file into a more optimized compression?

on the other hand, we still love dj extensions webp plugin.. is balbooa gallery compatible with dj extensions webp plugin?

1 year 3 days ago #2

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where can i find more information on balbooa gallery file compression?

1 year 2 days ago #3

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Thank you for contacting us!

We can't say if it's compatible or not, since there are an infinite number of third-party extensions and it's impossible to test everything

As for the options, if the option is enabled, then it compresses to the specified settings, and if the conversion to webp is enabled, then it converts to webp.

Best Regards,
Vyacheslav, Balbooa Support Team
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