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Show title initially on gallery?

3 weeks 1 day ago #1

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  • Eleanor
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Hi there! We have just started using your gallery module and are using Caption Effect 8 to display the title and short description but were wondering if there was a way that the title can be displayed on the image initially before the rollover effect? (similar to the gallery effect at the bottom of this site ) Ideally I would also like to make the short description 'read more' on our site ( ) a button style, is this possible in the short description or not? Thanks very much for your help, we really appreciate it :)

3 weeks 1 day ago #2

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  • Vyacheslav
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Thank you for contacting us!

This can be done using custom css code.
Sample code (you need to add it to the custom css file of your template)
.ba-album.css-style-8 .ba-album-items .ba-caption, 
.ba-gallery-grid.css-style-8 .ba-caption {
    opacity: 1;

.ba-album.css-style-8 .ba-album-items .ba-caption h3, 
.ba-album.css-style-8 .ba-album-items .ba-caption p, 
.ba-gallery-grid.css-style-8 .ba-caption h3, 
.ba-gallery-grid.css-style-8 .ba-caption p.image-category, 
.ba-gallery-grid.css-style-8 .ba-caption p.short-description {
    opacity: 1;
    transform: none;

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