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New options: Ad notes beside Form name

1 month 1 week ago #1

  • Nedim Hukic's Avatar
  • Nedim Hukic
  • Posts: 1
Maybe it would be nice to include this options in some of future release. Because if you have more than one form with same name but different fields inside you can't add some notes to recognize forms because if you put some extra words in title than that words also show in site where is form name.


1 month 1 week ago #2

  • Artem's Avatar
  • Artem
  • Posts: 8617
Hi, there!

I can propose you next:

1. Disable form title in the Form Settings

2. Add Form title using "Text Editor"

Or disable form title in the Form settings and add Form title inside an article before the form shortcode

Artem, Balbooa.com
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