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order of calendar in forms

11 months 2 weeks ago #1

  • Gonzalo's Avatar
  • Gonzalo
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Hello, I am working in EEUU site and I'm using the form. But when I put the calendar field and check it the order is: dd/mm/yyyy,
I need to change at mm/dd/yyyy How can I do it?

11 months 1 week ago #2

  • Vyacheslav's Avatar
  • Vyacheslav
  • Posts: 8744
Thank you for contacting us

You can change at the ba-form.js (components/com_baforms/assets/js/ba-form.js) at the line 1634
ifFormat: "%d %B %Y",
But after the update, all changes will be lost.


2 days 41 minutes ago #3

  • Joel's Avatar
  • Joel
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How would you change this in Forms 2.x?
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