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  • Paul Gomirato
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I am noticing two issues I am hoping you can explain.

One, when viewing a single form submission, clicking on "XML" option produces no result?
Two, there is a "page icon" to the left of the "print icon" - nothing happens when I click it.
The documentation doesn't show this icon - so unclear what it does and why it does not respond when clicked?


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But there is notice

"Please select Item(s) from the list"

So, you need to select form (Checkbox) and click on the Export or Print

Here is detailed documentation How To Export and Print forms


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  • Paul Gomirato
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Thanks Artem, but perhaps I am not clear:

I am referring to Submissions View, not Forms List.

I am trying to see different ways to output a single submission.

When I select a single submission, the "file icon" beside the Print icon does nothing when clicked?
And when choosing export of the submission, the XML icon does nothing when clicked.

So, I believe there is an issue here :)

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Hello Paul,

We just checked all of the specified buttons:
the "File Icon", the "Print Icon", "Export", the "XML Icon", and all of them work.

Therefore, can you give us some information about specifying which browser you are using
and send us FTP access using our contact form:

Many thanks,
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