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Dropdown Label Text Inside

6 years 5 months ago #1

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  • Alma
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i have a lot of dropdowns on my form and i need to have the label text appear inside the box. Right now i have the label text as an option of the dropdown and it is shown the way i like it.

But when i receive the email, i don't know what field it is as in the email is showing as "Dropdown".

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  • Artem
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Hello, Alma!

Thank you for contacting us!

Looks like it's a bug. Can you please send us Joomla admin and FTP access to check an issue. Use our contact form:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Many Thanks,

6 years 5 months ago #3

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  • Syed
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Dear Artem,

Looks like I have a similar query but with a slight variation.

I would like to have the Label on the Drop menu i.e. instead of default "Select" I want my custom Lable to appear there.

Is this doable, if yes, please guide.

Best Regards,
Syed H

6 years 4 months ago #4

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  • Viacheslav
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We did this for you for this,
We change the file dropdown.php(/components/com_baforms/views/form/tmpl/dropdown.php)

Syed, if you need the same solution, you can download this file and replace it with the specified path

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