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Send Message Error after upgrade to 1.7

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I have been using Forms for a long time and it has always worked properly. Now I have upgraded to 1.7 on all my websites and when I click on the submit button I have this message: Send Message Error! Your message could not be sent! I found on the forum that it is a problem due to terms and conditions. I have done a test and it works. But in Italy it is mandatory and I ask you for a solution.
Best regards
Emilio Scognamiglio

6 years 5 months ago #2

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Hi, Emilio!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Here is solution:
1. Using File Manager (FileZilla) go to: components/com_baforms/site/models/form.php

2. Line 2600, find
if (trim($data[$item->id]) != '') {
          $flag = true;
    } else {
           $flag = false;

Replace to
if (gettype($data[$item->id]) == 'array' && !empty($data[$item->id])) {
             $flag = true;
 } else if (gettype($data[$item->id]) == 'string' && trim($data[$item->id]) != '') {
               $flag = true;
 } else {
                $flag = false;

On the next week will be bug fix update which will include this fix

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