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Hello! Thank you one more time for very good component. To use an option "Invisible reCaptcha" on forms, I have installed plugin "Custom reCaptcha" and it works fine. Only in one case the bug happens, if I click button "Submit" and one of required field is empty. For example:, after submit Captcha-test appears, then it redirects to Could you please help me to decide this problem?

P.s. I think the decision is to disable submit button until all required fields have values. Could you help me to make these changes?

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Thank you for contacting us :cheer:
We provide support only for standard Joomla reCAPTCHA plugin, as soon as Joomla begins to support Invisible reCaptcha this feature will be available in the Forms component.

I'm sorry, but we can't provide support for integration with 3rd party reCAPTCHA plugins

Many thanks,
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