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A few questions re Forms

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Hi all, I am using the forms Pop out feature (it's great). Our client asked us if we can tweak a few things and I have not found options for the following items:

Telephone (When set to numeric, spaces can't be used) any way of changing this?

Telephone - Country extension prefix (+44 for example, with flag that picks up the country)

Error Message - Is there a way of informing the person filling in the form that a particular field is giving the error? An error message under the field for example.

Pop Up form - Mouse scroll works fine, but keyboard arrows or page up/down only control the webpage in the background and not the contact form.

Triggers - Final question, is there a way of activating the popup form after X time?

Thanks for all the help guys.


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Thank you for contacting us!

Sorry, but for phone fields, are not available in the Forms component.

If a person entered an incorrect data field, the field has red border.

To scroll the form with the arrow of the keyboard, click on the form itself.

As for Triggers are not available in the Forms component but if you use the Gridbox you can add the form to the lightbox and in the settings which is open after the X-time

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