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PayPal Gateway - Setup Multiple PayPal accounts?

5 months 3 weeks ago #1

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I have a user scenario that requires conditional logic to say, if the user chooses Option A monies go to PayPal A, if Option B goes to PayPal B, etc... This is for a non-profit website representing multiple other organizations. Have any of you know how to accomplish this?

I was thinking of somehow duplicating the PayPal gateway, and perhaps have three PayPal options within the integration menu.

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Hello Kevin,

It's a little bit a problem, since Forms PayPal integration allows you to add only 1 client ID within the Form installation. Shortly - you can't use multiple PayPal integrations in forms, only 1.

What's about?
Select A - goes to PayPal
Select B - goes to Stripe

this is possible


5 months 1 week ago #3

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Couldn't I just create another PayPal gateway connection via a custom payment integration? In fact, in example it uses PayPal.

I am thinking of creating two files, paypal2.php and paypal3.php

If so, is there a step three? I take it the `$paymentData` object is from the form?
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