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How to identify source (last click tracking)

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On we're using Forms to collect leads gathered from various campaigns. All leads are passed on to Zoho via the build in api integration. All works perfect, but we do have an issue when trying to identity which campaign source (google, facebook etc.) is responsible for the lead generated.

Until now we've used UTM parameters and passed the entire UTM link (using page url) to Zoho in a hidden field. This is not an optimal solution, because for it to function the conversion needs to come from the landingpage, as the UTM parameters desapears if multiple pages are visited.

Can you help me solve this issue either using UTM parameters or possible something smarter

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We are not specialist in marketing tools, but if UTM doesn't work for you, I think there is only one thing which allows to track everything is Google Analytics event tracking. Check this:

Hope this helps :)

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