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how to make test or quiz

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I really like your form, i used it for many websites.

But I have no idea how to use it in this case:
I have to create test with about 10 questions with answers A, B, C as checkbox.
I need count answers in every question and tell users how many of A they checked, same for B and C ...
Is there possible add to every answer some variables as $a, $b, $c .. and count how many answers were A, how many B and how many C? Is possible add to every option some variable and count how many times it was checked?

So quiz will look like this:
1. Question
A answer $a+=1
B answer $b+=1
C answer $c+=1

2. Question
A answer $a+=1
B answer $b+=1
C answer $c+=1

Submit and send result to email:
You checked A answer $a times.
You checked B answer $b times.
You checked C answer $c times.

How can I do that with balboa form? I need just count results..

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Thank you for contacting us

Unfortunately there is no such possibility,
Poll might be right for you

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