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Questions about poll function

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Good afternoon,

I recently purchased Balbooa Joomla Forms Builder Pro.

Now I run into a number of things, I would like to ask if you know a solution for this:

1. I have set the poll to allow you to vote only once, yet I notice that after some time (sometimes hours, and sometimes a day later) you can vote again. This despite the fact that I use the same IP address with the same PC with the same browser.

I also had this tested by a friend, who experienced the same thing.
I also don't know what is being checked for, but this function does not seem to work properly.

2. If I remove submissions (obviously I didn't do this for question 1) the results will still exist on a poll.
How do I reset a poll?

3. I can adjust several colors, but I can't do this on all points.
For example, I am unable to give the edges a different color in the results. I also can't manage to change the color of the bar with the number of percent (the left side but not the right side).

4. It is possible to make the font smaller, but is it also possible to make the boxes containing the questions smaller? I can only make them less wide but not less high.

5. Is it possible to omit the * icon from a mandatory question?

6. Is it also possible to give the boxes containing the questions a different color so that they are not the same as the surrounding background?

Also very nice script!

This text has been translated with google translate, I hope it is a bit clear :)

Greets Kees.
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