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Front end: hyperlink to form incl data for specific field

2 weeks 5 days ago #1

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  • Heinz
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Is there a way to open the form in the front end with a hyperlink and directly providing specific data for a specific form field.

Something like we know from html forms (post and get method): e.g. /form.html?field1=Hi&field2=Mom

In this example the form is called directly with a hyperlink and furthermore into the field with the id „field1“ the data „Hi“ is inserted and into the field with the id „field2“ the data „Mom“ is inserted.

Thanks a lot. Best wishes, Heinz

2 weeks 4 days ago #2

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  • Artem
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Hello Heinz,

Yes, it's possible! :)

Here is your link

So, you need to use data tags
[URL parameter = field1]
[URL parameter = field2]

Place them in fields default value, here is a screen:


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