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1 year 2 months ago #1

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  • Dave
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Hello, I am wondering if you are thinking about adding any functionality to the form extension? It's so easy to set up I hate to use my other form programs.

However, the admin part of the form is so much less functional. Can you please consider some updates to the form in the near future? I would really appreciate it.

1. Separating the view for submissions on different forms would be great. Especially for exporting.
2. The main issue is not being able to see them without clicking on each and every one to view the details. RSForm allows you to see them in a long list with checkboxes to delete selected entries. Removing spam, etc.
3. Resending selected submissions is a big help. I use this more than you might think. If a client did not get the contact form or I have to change something, resending these is so useful.
4. Finally, being able to set the thank you message to have some options. Not just a tiny little popup that stays up for a few seconds. Can't we decide if this should stay open or replace the form instead. Every client asks me to change this.

I'll be happy to pay you for your time within reason. You form program works so well with Gridbox but managing it is not as nice.

Please consider improving this if you could. I would be in your debt.

Thank you,

11 months 6 days ago #2

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  • Lukas
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+1 and +$$$ from me also :)

11 months 5 days ago #3

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  • Artem
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We need to finish some tasks with Gridbox, after that we'll back to Forms B)
Suggestions are saved! Much appreciated

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