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Problem with calculations

2 weeks 3 days ago #1

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  • Kamil
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Hi, I have a problem with calculations.
I have thats code in three fields:

Field 1 [Field ID=30]
if([Field ID=46]<=3){[Field ID=29]/[Field ID=26]}
else if([Field ID=46]==4){([Field ID=18]-[Field ID=57])/([Field ID=26]-[Field ID=59])}
else if([Field ID=46]==5){([Field ID=20]-[Field ID=58])/([Field ID=26]-[Field ID=59])}

Field 2 [Field ID=29]
if([Field ID=46]==1){[Field ID=60]}
else if([Field ID=46]==2){[Field ID=60]+[Field ID=18]-(2*[Field ID=34])+((2*Math.PI*([Field ID=34]/2))*0.25)}
else if([Field ID=46]==3){[Field ID=60]+[Field ID=18]+[Field ID=20]-(4*[Field ID=34])+((2*Math.PI*([Field ID=34]/2))*0.5)}
else if([Field ID=46]==4){[Field ID=18]-[Field ID=57]+[Field ID=60]-[Field ID=58]+(2*[Field ID=30])}

Field 3 [Field ID=60]
if([Field ID=46]<=3){[Field ID=21]}
else if([Field ID=46]>=4){[Field ID=58]+([Field ID=30]*([Field ID=59]-1))}

When in Field 2 I change Field ID=60 for another field, all is working.
When I delete code in Field 1 all is working too.

Where I have a problem?

The same formula is work in excel and there everyhink its ok.

2 weeks 3 days ago #2

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  • Vyacheslav
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Thank you for contacting us

Perhaps the problem is in these fields (or they do not exist)
Send us a link to page with problem.
Send us Joomla admin access via our contact form.

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