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Form sends email, but not to gmail

1 year 3 months ago #1

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  • Arto
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Can you please tell me what's wrong. Everything seems to be ok and my form send email to -addresses, but not to gmail.

1 year 3 months ago #2

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  • Viacheslav
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Thank you for contacting us

The form simply collects data, sending is handled by joomla.
With this question, it is better for you to contact the hosting support, perhaps they have limitations


1 year 1 month ago #3

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  • Claudia
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I have the same problem with gmail, my client contacted his hoster and they told him it had something to do with a "data form variable", no idea what this means. He doesn't receive any mails sent by gmail-adresses via contac form in joomla.

1 year 1 month ago #4

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  • Viacheslav
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As we wrote earlier the form simply collects data, sending is handled by joomla.
If letters come from at least one address, the problem is not related to the form


1 year 1 month ago #5

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  • Dave
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Email is tricky. There are best practices for sending emails from Joomla.

1. Send via SMTP, not PHP mail. Joomla is a fully-fledged mail client. SMTP is easier to authenticate.
2. Never use any email to send from other than the global Joomla email address in the Global Configuration > Server > Mail settings. Use the "reply to" email option to the forms. Add a "reply to," but always send from Joomla global account.
3. Make sure to fully authenticate the email account being used to send email from in the Global Configuration.
4. Whitelist the email at your clients' receiving email system (Gmail) or other providers.
5. Use the free MXToolBox to monitor your sending email account.
6. Use a service like SMTP2GO for sending emails if you manage multiple Joomla sites or your email provider does not allow system emails via their service.

#1 is viable if your email server is allowed to send transactional emails. SMTP is easier to authenticate if it's not based on your hosting. You could use PHP mail if it passes the mail test in #3. But SMTP is still more secure. If not, use something like #6 to send.

#2 Never use the client's address as the sending address unless it's the Global email address and fully authenticated. Only send from Joomla global address.

#3 Being fully authenticated is key to delivery. You need a correct SPF record, DKIM record, and if those two are correct, a DMARC set or record added to your DNS. Check the SMTP email by using Mail Tester.
This will tell you if you pass the incoming spam and authentication tests. Email spoofing is bad. Sending without authentication looks like spoofing. Most email spam filters will catch this. Some block the email entirely.

#4 Add the sending email to a whitelist at your client's email hosting. Gmail offers this in the settings under Filters and Blocked Addresses > Do this: Never send it to Spam

#5 helps you monitor if your email is blacklisted

#6 There are services out there that you can use to send transactional emails. Not all email services allow this. If it's your hosting account, it's still problematic. I've had email services turn off my email account due to detecting non-personal emails. Aka, system or transactional emails. These are emails like newsletters, shop emails, system emails, etc. Many email services say it's not allowed in the terms and conditions and will turn that account off. Using something like SMTP2GO is the best method. It also shows you the status of the sent emails to troubleshoot issues. They monitor the IP addresses, etc. to avoid blacklists. See attachment.

Good luck!
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