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Bug Found on Form for the Export function

2 weeks 17 hours ago #1

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Issue/Bug: When selecting a form or multiple forms to be exported it won't download it.

The app will try to download the forms.xml file from the server root path instead of the public path.


    public function exportForm($cid)
        $db = JFactory::getDbo();
        $doc = new DOMDocument('1.0');
        $doc->formatOutput = true;
        $root = $doc->createElement('baforms');
        $root = $doc->appendChild($root);
        foreach ($cid as $id) {
            $baform = $doc->createElement('baform');
            $baform = $root->appendChild($baform);
            $this->createDOMBranch($doc, $db, '#__baforms_forms', $id, 'id', $baform, 'form');
            $this->createDOMBranch($doc, $db, '#__baforms_forms_settings', $id, 'form_id', $baform, 'settings');
            $columns = $doc->createElement('columns');
            $columns = $baform->appendChild($columns);
            $this->createDOMBranch($doc, $db, '#__baforms_columns', $id, 'form_id', $columns, 'column');
            $items = $doc->createElement('items');
            $items = $baform->appendChild($items);
            $this->createDOMBranch($doc, $db, '#__baforms_items', $id, 'form_id', $items, 'item');
            $pages = $doc->createElement('pages');
            $pages = $baform->appendChild($pages);
            $this->createDOMBranch($doc, $db, '#__baforms_pages', $id, 'form_id', $pages, 'page');
        $file = '/tmp/forms.xml';
        $bytes = $doc->save(JPATH_ROOT.$file);
        if ($bytes) {
            echo new JResponseJson(true, JPATH_ROOT.$file);
        } else {
            echo new JResponseJson(false, '', true);
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