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Passing form field values to to appear on Merchant Email Receipt

4 months 6 days ago #1

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  • Ewan
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Good day,

We have got a form that uses the payment option. The payment part works well and goes through with but the Merchant Email Receipt [ email ] that gets sent from contains empty values under billing and shipping information. We would at least want the form fields e.g. Name and Email to appear on the Merchant Email Receipt as what the user filled in on the form before completing payment. Please advise. I am attaching example of the empty values in the Merchant Email Receipt.

Thanks in advance,

4 months 5 days ago #2

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  • Vyacheslav
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Thank you for contacting us

The form is not a store and does not transfer field data to the payment system

Best Regards,
Vyacheslav, Balbooa Support Team
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