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Move / reposition fields to a difference place

6 days 21 hours ago #1

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  • Heinz
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Hope, this finds you well. I am addressing a concern and politely requesting assistance. :)

After an update yesterday it is not possible anymore (in the Balbooa Form installed on my site) to reposition / move fields to a difference position / place in the form.

Before the update: usually pressed the left mouse button on the green icon. Then I moved the mouse cursor until I found a new position for the field. Then I released the mouse button again. Finally, the field was moved by this procedure.

After the update: Same procedure, but the field is not moved. Currently it is form version 2.1.1

Super thankful for your support here!! :)

4 days 21 hours ago #2

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  • Vyacheslav
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Thank you for contacting us

Send us a link to page with problem.
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