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Passing fields into form from URL

1 week 6 days ago #1

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  • Justin
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I'm often connecting to my form page from another scheduling application, and I was thinking it would be really great to pass arguments in the URL and have Forms auto populate them. For example, they already gave their name and email and I can pass that to my Forms URL at But since this doesn't support that, they again have to fill out their name and email so I can connect their survey to their scheduled event. In fact, ideally I could even just pass a schedule ID and just save that in a hidden field and not even have to ask about any of their previous filled out information.
Any chance such a feature can be implemented? I haven't done web developer for years and joomla specifically since 2.0 was new so I'm not sure if this is even possible but it would sure be awesome and powerful

1 week 5 days ago #2

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  • Vyacheslav
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Thank you for contacting us!

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility.

Best Regards,
Vyacheslav, Balbooa Support Team
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